We are a black owned clothing brand.

About us

All orders are made to order. We believe in providing great quality products at an affordable price. We want to build an empire.

We are already successful because of what we do!

What we want

We want to provide a unique shopping experience for our customers. We do this by creating well designed clothing that is important to our community.

Our mission

Creating Brands that matter is our mission. This philosophy guides all of our decisions: what we develop, when we develop it, and what we put into it.


What we create matters—because it connects to someone.


Brilliant Leaders Always Create Kings is an attempt at creating culture through fashion.Clothing is often a reflection of our values and ideals.


The way we dress can tell a lot about who we are. At Brilliant Leaders Always Create Kings, we want to bring fashion forward by creating pieces that are bold, forward thinking and fashion savvy.

Who we are

Brilliant Leaders Always Create Kings is a New Jersey based clothing brand that embodies the daring and courageous spirit of leadership. Our goal is to create forward thinking pieces that allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Brilliant Leaders Always Create Kings is for men who demand fashion, power, sophistication and sense of fashion.

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