Black entrepreneurs

Black entrepreneurs and their acceptance in society.

  Have you noticed the growing acceptance of black entrepreneurs in society? Well, Black entrepreneurs are no more the victim of racial discrimination. They have a tribe of people at their backs to provide advocacy, support, and resources. Although in the past, black Americans had always faced race-based obstacles to entrepreneurship. But now they have […]

how is streetwear influencing the fashion industry

How Is Streetwear Influencing The Fashion Industry?

It is safe to say that the love for fashion is shared and celebrated universally. While fashion trends change at a rapid pace, fashion enthusiasts like to keep up with these kinds of changes. If you are someone who loves their sweat pants but wants to make them look chic and high- end, streetwear is […]

Next big thing in hoodies


There are only few clothing trends that have the same humble beginning as the hoodie and have made equal amount of impact in the fashion industry. For a very long time, this fantastic sportswear or streetwear staple has grown from being just a staple for the playing field, walking the street or the runway, to […]